Online Casino Bonus


Online Casino Bonus

The online casino bonus is one of the best perks or promotions or awards awaiting the online casino gambler. A land based casino will often offer perks to players who come with well lined wallets and play the high roller games. And if they are big winners the house will very often offer free nights at their casino hotel with meals and a bonus to play more PC casino games and mobile casino games.

How to Claim Your Casino Bonus

The online casino, of course, cannot offer the same kind of perks, so they compensate by offering various type of the online casino bonus. This is the online casino way of saying, Come and join our casino. Be a loyal member and you will be rewarded with a welcome bonus and with bonus credits to keep you coming back to our online casino site.

Types of Online Casino Bonus

There are several kinds of online casino bonus aimed at tempting the online casino player to stay with a specific online casino site. Here below are a few of the types of online casino bonus:

-The welcome bonus: this is also sometimes called a sign up online casino bonus or a first time deposit online casino bonus. The welcome bonus is usually a percentage award based on the player's first deposit with the online casino. For example, some casinos will offer a 100% match-up as their welcome bonus, up to a certain limit. For example, if you deposit $100, they will match that with $100 from the online casino. However, the welcome bonus often comes with terms and conditions, and it is important to check these out before accepting the welcome bonus. Very often the player must make a specific number of deposits before he can actually make use of the welcome bonus, and at some sites the player can use the welcome bonus to play but cannot withdraw it with his winnings. It pays to check all these terms.

-The bonus credits: many an online casino will offer a first deposit bonus which is not very large, but will follow this up with bonus credits for every deposit made by the player after the first one. The bonus credits are then redeemed by cash to continue playing. You may receive one or two bonus credits for every ten dollars you deposit, but then you may need to have 1000 bonus credits to receive ten dollars of playable money. As with the welcome bonus, it is important to check out the terms of the bonus credits so that you won't be unpleasantly surprised when you want to use them.

- No deposit casino bonus: there are some online casinos that are very anxious for a new player to try out their site, get used to their games and then decide to stay with them. This type of online casino will offer a no deposit online casino bonus which means that you are really getting something for nothing. It may only be ten dollars, but what is free is free and it is worthwhile to try the no deposit online casino bonus wherever it is offered.

-The loyalty online casino bonus: you might find an online casino with a Loyalty Club which offers points to members to keep them loyal to their site. These bonus points are much the same as bonus credits and are generally redeemed by cash back. They are often promoted as the more you play the more we pay.

The online casino bonus is a great promotional tool to tempt online casino gamblers into a particular online casino site. It is advantageous both to the online casino player and to the online casino itself.